Be Prepared

The project compiles and describes the challenging cases and examples from the international mobility experiences of the educational providers; moreover it develops models for solutions to these challenging situations. Furthermore project identifies the experiences, resources and instructions received by the participants of the international mobility periods. The aim is to improve the students', international contact staffs' and supervising teachers' capabilities in problem situations and aftercare.

The project aims to put together, the experiences, solutions and good practices of the educational providers that encountered problems and challenging situations during international mobility periods. The material which will utilize the drama pedagogy method, will be published and uploaded to internet. The material can be used in international mobility training.

The key products of the project is the published material which is prepared from good practices and models collected by the experiences of the participants, and additionally the training material videos based on drama pedagogy. Materials will be utilized as tools for the training of the students who participate in exchanges and in the orientation of the international operators. The final product corresponds to the growth of mobility targets and new target countries. These final products also correspond to the need for business models related to solving problems in foreign exchange periods. The material allows sharing good practices to reduce interruption of the exchange periods as well as better and more efficient detection of problematic situations. When models against problematic situations can be established, it increases the expertise in international operators. Planning the coordination of the operations beforehand, speeds the operations and reaction time in the real-life situations. It also creates more efficient operation process.


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