ChiNet is a multidisciplinary vocational education network between China and Finland, which was established in 2006 by the Finnish National Board of Education funding.
There are nine Finnish and three Chinese schools from the Suzhou and Shanghai areas which are working in the network.

Goals of the network:

  • Increase Finnish students’ competency to work in multicultural workplaces in Finland and abroad.
  • Strengthen co-operation with China in vocational education, in the fields of technology (including for example metalwork and machinery), tourism, hotel, restaurant and catering services and business and administration.
  • Develop course and on-the-job learning content according to the curriculum.
  • Enhance reciprocal student and staff mobilities. In staff mobilities the focus is on comparison of curriculums, teaching materials and arrangements, support, guidance, counselling and evaluation of students’ on-the-job learning periods.
  • Increase Skills Competitions between Finland and China.
  • Reciprocal student and staff mobilities in all study fields of the project.
  • On-the-job learning models which are suitable for both education systems.
  • Online courses in metalwork and machinery and automation technology.
  • China-Finland seminars in both countries.
  • Culture training
  • Skills Competitions in automation technology: The ChiNet – FiNet Skills Competition 25.-27.4.2011 with six teams from China and two from Finland.
  • Co-operation with Shanghai Electronic Industry School since 2014.
 Operated since 2006

A Network of Partners in Finland

A Network of International Partners