European Pathway

Eurooppalainen opintopolku (European Pathway) is a network of seven vocational schools in Finland. The goal is to make internationalization a natural part of the student’s study path.

The network creates models that can be used for identifying and recognizing both vocational and other types of skills acquired abroad as part of the student’s personal study plan. The network creates and pilots training material on the languages and cultures of several European countries. Most of the chosen languages are global languages that are spoken also outside Europe.

The network is boldly meeting the challenges and opportunities brought about by digitalization and is testing innovative solutions in order to promote internationalization in vocational education.

The goals of the network are to

  • promote the transparency of international studies and the use of ECVET (European credit transfer system)
  • increase the international mobility of the workforce
  • create language and cultural training material in an easy-to-understand language
  • create models of international study paths for different types of learners
  • create tools for identifying and recognizing skills
  • develop new partnerships around Europe.

The network has created language and cultural training packages for Spain, France, Germany and Estonia, and cultural training packages for Great Britain and Malta. The network has also created job-seeking packages for Sweden and Norway. A model for completing the cultural awareness study module by enculturation abroad has been created. In addition, different types of international study paths have been described. The network has also developed a model for (a game of?) “Culture caching” using mobile devices.



A Network of Partners in Finland