FINNVET IN CHINA – Finnish-Chinese cooperation

The Finnvet in China project continues the activities of the Kam’oon China and Chinet networks. In the project, student, staff and expert mobility periods within vocational education are carried out. Chinese students and teachers are offered mobility periods in Finland, as well. A goal of the project is to increase awareness about China in Finland, and, in turn, awareness of Finland in China. Internationalization at home is another important goal in the project. By clicking here, you have access for more information about the activities and goals of the project.

The main goal is to enable student and staff mobility to China. During the exchange periods, the students have the opportunity to develop their own know-how and to get acquainted with another culture. The goal is also to increase the international know-how of future professionals. The acknowledged know-how acquired during the exchange period is always credited as part of the student’s study program. Another goal of the project is to offer opportunities to the staff to develop their international know-how (for example language skills and cultural know-how) and to develop their own teaching through peer learning (getting acquainted with the local working life and with the education offered at the local institute). The staff acts as supervisors to the students at the beginning and at the end of the exchange periods. Yet another goal is to develop and increase internationalization at home for example through offering mobility periods in Finland for Chinese teachers and students.
The exchande periods enable completing individual study paths and study modules as well as on-the-job learning in China. The working life skills, international know-how and co-operation with countries outside Europe have increased. The staff have increased their know-how during the exchange periods.
The Finnvet in China network operates uniformly, listening to the opinions of all member colleges. Multiprofessional cooperation has become stronger, and both know-how and the best practices have been shared and distributed within the network. The network has signed cooperation contracts with the partners.

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