HANAKO - Finnish and Japanese Network

HANAKO is a cooperation network between Finland and Japan with reached the implementation phase in 2010 by the financial support of the Finnish National Board of Education. The HANAKO-network develops and consolidates mutual multidisciplinary cooperation.

  • To create a work life and student oriented Finland-Japan co-operation
  • To benchmark Finnish and Japanese educational pathways, service culture and get new innovations for teaching and developing work life
  • Promoting Finnish Education System, vocational education, on-the- job learning and Finnish culture in Japan
  • To create personalised learning pathways for students in vocational education (with the help of on-the- job learning companies and connections between vet institutions)
  • Give possibilities for vocational teachers to do work life period in Japan
  • HANAKO Network web-side www.hanako-network.com
  • Exchange of students and experts (teachers, instructors, employers) between Finland and Japan
  • Two annual HANAKO seminars in Finland, one in Japan.
  • Pathway to Japan, Web based coaching -preparation training in Adobe Connect, preparation and training material on www-page
  • Finnish-Japanese- English online picture dictionary.
  • Free choice web course Hyvä mieli –parempi terveys
  • Digital toolbox: further course Memories of Stories


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A Network of International Partners