India Network in Vocational Education and Training in Finland

The objective of the India Network of Secondary Vocational Education Institutions is to promote the knowledge and skills of teachers, students, workplace counselors and other company staff about Indian culture and to develop opportunities for teaching and learning cooperation in a multidisciplinary network in the home and target area. The network also supports the promotion of Finnish education and the building of the Finland brand in India

Network of 14 Finnish VET institutions.


The main aims of network are
  • to develope and enable student and staff mobility
  • to promote the mobility of students and experts between countries
  • to expand India awareness among students and staff
  • to provide the opportunity to learn transversal skills in a non-European country
Results of the network and cooperation during past years
  • approx. 30 annual student and 10 staff mobility
  • a well-established and reliable network for cooperation and working life
  • possibility to give competence demonstrations during the internship
  • Use of digital media to share experiences and material from Indian episodes
The India network has been operating since 2008, expanding into 14 vocational schools as active players, carrying out expert trips during its operations and offering students the opportunity to complete work-based learning periods in India.


A Network of Partners in Finland

A Network of International Partners