KAOS - Skills for working life from internationality

The project is a joint project of educational establishments providing training for youth and leisure instructors, the objective of which is to support students of youth work field to become active citizens, whose language and social skills and intercultural competence meet the skill requirements of globalizing working life.

For the topical education to be able to meet these challenges, all future youth and leisure instructors must be offered opportunities to encounter other cultures as well as a positive learning atmosphere that supports internationality by promoting domestic internationality, enabling access to international mobilities to students and teachers alike. During the project, a Competence Path to Internationality will be designed for students in the youth work field.

The objective of the project is to develop a piloting part of the vocational free-choice module titled Competence Path to Internationality. The objective of the piloting part, in turn, is to gather knowledge and skills connected with internationality of those studying to become youth and leisure instructors and to support active citizenship and general capacities needed in working life.

Essential constituents in designing the Competence Path:
  • To develop domestic internationality in the educational establishments included in the network in order to offer all students an equal opportunity to accumulate their competence in internationality at their own educational establishments. By domestic internationality is meant internationalization in its various forms, taking place in one’s home country; among other things, it can mean international learning environments and learning contents. In the establishments concerned there is already a diverse selection of programs: international tutoring training and activities, linguistic and cultural preparation, various entities of global education etc. The intention is to make this competence available for the whole network.
  • To enable high-quality learning periods abroad which have been designed for added competence and which support the development of vocational and international competence for students and strengthen recognition of competence achieved during mobility periods by utilizing ECVET tools. The project will contain 12+8 foreign on-the- job learning periods for degree students in youth and adult vocational education as well as 4+2 teacher/working life representative mobilities, during which it will be possible to develop competence and working life orientation as well as internationality in teaching.

The project will meet its objective when, at its final stage, all network establishments utilize domestic internationality in a higher degree than before as a means of supporting the vocational growth of all youth and leisure instruction students as well as implement international mobility that meets the needs of working life with ECVET principles as part of the piloting of Competence Path to Internationality. Based on the outcome of the piloting, a plan will be worked out to develop the vocational free-choice module.

Through implementation of the Competence Path to Internationality, which supports international activity, the individual learning paths of students towards active intercultural competence will have a higher quality and enable knowledge to change to awareness through experience-based learning for all youth work students and thus to become a will to develop their own professionality also after they have entered working life.


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