Internationalization path for the development of skills and competences of VET staff

The idea of the project is to include the international path to the process of staff development in participating VET colleges and to increase the goal orientation and planning of international activities. We will develop a tool for recognition and validation of international skills and competences. We will describe the steps of internationalization path and design badges and pilot them both in Finland and during exchanges abroad.

To develop the skills and competences of the VET staff and activities of the VET colleges by internationalization.

To improve the planning and setting objectives of international activities and the utilization of the results.

To create a system to help the validation and recognition of the international skills and cmpetences, to pilot the system and to take the internationalization path and learning badges to use in colleges.

Internationalization path and steps are included in the process of staff development in the participating VET colleges.

Internationalization is included in the development discussions and annual objectives of teams.

International activities are more visible than before.

Easy to use tool for superiors to recognize international skills and competences.



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A Network of International Partners