A group of 10 students from Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Technology (SIPIVT) got to experience the surprisingly warm Finnish spring during their exchange month in ChiNet partner colleges in Finland, from 23 April until 23 May. They were divided into two smaller student groups who were sent to different parts of Finland: first to Tampere (Tredu) and Hyvinkää (Hyria), then to Turku (Turku Vocational College) and Lohja (Luksia), as well as Järvenpää (Keuda).

Besides taking part in normal classes in the fields of business and administration, art, media and tourism studies, the Chinese students had the opportunity to learn about Finnish culture. Activities included museum visits and city tours, workshop for making Karelian pies, Finnish game “mini-olympics” featuring mölkky, Finnish baseball, darts and rubber boot throwing and of course nature and sauna. SIPIVT students also presented their city, Suzhou, and their school to several interested student classes in ChiNet colleges. They also took part in the Asia theme day organised in Espoo (Omnia), and visited the Finnish Skills competition, Taitaja, in Tampere.

SIPIVT students mentioned Finnish food, especially chocolate, berries and ice-cream, as their favourite experience during the exchange.

In addition to students, also four SIPIVT teachers and two members from the management accompanied the students during their trip to Finland.


Leivonta pieni