Chinese culture and the basics of the Chinese language 

This course provides you with insights into the rich cultures of China and basic study on the Chinese language to introduce yourself and simple communication. You will understand the long heritage of Chinese society and the diversity of the Chinese landscape, its cultures and nationalities. You will develop a basic understanding of written Chinese, its history and expression in calligraphy. You will also explore the origins and variety of Chinese cuisine, the role of food in festivals and the etiquette of Chinese dining and tea drinking. You will also look at the origins of some of the values that underpin Chinese society and how these are being affected by economic development and urbanisation. 

Language of instruction is english. You will need your own email address to participate. The course starts on Tue 6.4.2021, ends on Tue 18.5.2021 Tue from 18.00-19.30, teaching takes place through Teams.

The teacher on the course is Ms. Yanhong Xi

Now working as a teacher at OAMK (Business) and  at Oulun Lyseon Lukio IB (Economics).

Other experience:

  • Marketing at Marriott hotel, China
  • Financial Analyst at Excel World Container Line HongKong
  • Flight Attendant at Southern Airlines China

 She has a Master degree of Accounting from University of Oulu and  bachelor degree of Economics from Shenyang University, China

(no more students will be admitted)