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Top quality customer service professionals – network of Finnish vocational schools funded by Finnish National Agency for Education

Aims and results of the project

The Top quality customer service professionals network aims to map out good international practices for the service industries as well as develop the customer service functionality and content of Finnish vocational training. The international network provides information and teaches how top-level service education is implemented. The project includes the fields of retail, business and administration, tourism, catering and food sectors in the Nordic countries, Europe and outside the European Union.

The result is to develop flexible study paths, teachers' internationalization exchange paths, and new knowledge sets. All these components support internationalization and strategy for vocational education partners.

During the project, we will learn how to train service sector professionals in vocational schools environment and learn about the top retail, business and administration, tourism, catering and food businesses training in the Nordic countries, Europe and outside the European Union.

We develop training in service sectors by creating international and high-level qualification paths, international exchange paths for teachers, and new expertise and learning materials. Student and teacher/expert mobility is included the project.

The project started in 2015. The network has established collaboration with some education providers in Singapore and Malesia. After first meetings of managers and teachers we have started student and teacher exchanges. These mobilities include both school projects and work placements.

Skills competitions as a way of collaboration

Skills competitions are one way of collaboration. Especially with the college from Singapore we have learned from each other about the training of students who participate in the national, European and even worldwide skills competitions. Finland has been active in World Skills Competitions.

Finland got three gold and one silver medals in Abu Dhabi World Skills Competition in October 2017. The winners were in study field of Pâtisserie and Confectionery, Health and Social Care and Aircraft Maintenance. The silver medal came from Hairdressing. In addition there were also ten Medallion of Excellence for the Finnish Competitors. The great success is due to the high quality of Vocational Education in Finland and the commitment of continuing development of education.


Top Expertise Professional network in ITE Singapore

The students and teachers of our Top Expertise Professionals network (Huippulaadulla palvelualojen taitajaksi) have participated to the ITE Management Union Games, where more than 100 ITE management, staff, union leaders and members took part in skills-related challenges. The Union games were held on the 9th of November and the event has been a part of our students and staff exchange program in ITE.

The Top Expertise Professionals network has been founded 2015 with the support of the National Education Agency of Finland. The network facilitates for students and teachers exchange of the upper secondary vocational education and training to Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. The aim of the network activities is to respond to the challenges of the digitalising and globalising world of work and develop the opportunities of personalized top expertise learning paths for our students.


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For foreign students and staff

A guide for Foreig Students in Chinese




The students from Ekami, Salpaus and Turku Vocational Institute have started their foreign practical placement in the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore on Monday. Our teachers have also met the principals of ITE during lunch that was hosted by Ms Low Khak Gek, the CEO of ITE

As the Indian population of Singapore has been celebrating Deepavali this week, our student Jaana Säkki of Turku Vocational Institute was chosen as the representative of Finland to the WorldSkills2019 in Hotel Reception competition. As a trainee of top expertise professional, Jaana is having a good opportunity to practice the important cultural and language skills while in Singapore. The WorldSkills2019 will be held in Kazan, Russia next August.

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