Finland – Canada Network for Vocational Education and Training

Heading to new practices

Place:                    Turku Vocational Institute, Auditorium. DataCity, Lemminkäisenkatu 18 B 20250 Turku

Date:                     9 November 2017

Moderator:           Mr Mika Saarinen, Finnish National Agency for Education


9.30                      Registration and coffee


10.00                    Welcome to the seminar 

                                                          Mr Olli Pietilä, Turku Vocational Institute 

10.10                    Work in international networks– the role of international projects in developing education nationally

                                                          Ms Hanna Autere, Finnish National Agency for Education 

10.25                    Greetings from Embassy of Canada to Finland 

                                                          Mr John Kaye, Embassy of Canada to Finland 

10.40                    Presentation of Finland – Canada Network for Vocational Education and Training 

                                                          Mr Risto Virkkunen, Kainuu Vocational College 

10.55                    Student and teacher stories and experiences from Gatineau, Edmonton and Winnipeg.     

                                                          The Interviewer Ms Aino Malin, Jyväskylä Educational Consortium 


11.30                    Lunch break.  

                                                         Lunch menu planned by Mr Gaétan Tessier and Mr Gerard Fischer, École hôtelière de l'Outaouais and

                                                         Mr Daniel  Lemberg,   Turku Vocational Institute


13.00                    Experiences of cooperation. 

                                                          Mr Len Grieve and Mr Mark Blackner, Red River College, Manitoba 

13.15                    Experiences of cooperation -  Alberta Teachers’ Association partnership

                                                          Ms Jean Stiles, Edmonton Public Schools, Alberta     

13.30                    Experiences of cooperation 

                                                         Mr Gaétan Tessier, École hôtelière de l'Outaouais, Québec 

13.45                    Experiences of cooperation. 

                                                          Mr David Arenas, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Manitoba. Recorded session.  

14.00                    Finland Canada Quiz – what do we know about each other. 

                                                          Ms Laura Vahtera, Turku Vocational Institute and Ms Marja-Liisa Tyystälä, Lappia College 

14.20                    Good practices – what can we learn from each other.

                                                          Ms Aino Malin and Ms Mari Kontturi, Luovi College


14.40                    Closure and summing up the day  

                                                          Mr Mika Saarinen 

15.00                   The end of the seminar