1st International Trade Month in Belgium from 26th of February till 30th of March

The Belgian PE’s invite you to their 1st International Trade Month. As we are an international network, they want to show you what they have to offer!


Discover the Belgian PE’s, their services, products and special offers. Present your number one article to the Belgian customers. Let’s trade!


Publish an article of your choice in our international TOP DEALS flyer. Find a public of 300 Belgian PE’s and many more international PE’s. More information can be atteined from FINPEC.
Be on the look-out of our promotions, actions and deals for international customers!

Participate in one of our online trading sessions: let your representative pay a virtual visit to a Belgian PE (and vice versa) through Skype or Hangout. Every PE presents his firm and offer and our invited to order right away.