Let Your Skills Shine -webinar

An international webinar "Let Your Skills Shine" was hold on Wed 19th2021 as a part of Taitaja2021-event. Main themes of the webinar and Taitaja2021-event were cooperation and teamwork skills, equality and parity, changes of the working life, continuous learning, and responsibility – social, economic and ecological sustainable development. The webinar was hosted by Counsellor of Education Mr Mika Saarinen from Finnish National Agency for Education.  The Minister of Education Mr Jussi Saramo gave an opening speech in the webinar.

The keynote speaker was Ms Jacqueline Pacaud from European Commission DG (Education, Youth, Sport and Cultur). The theme of her speech was "New opportunities of the Erasmus+ and funding program".

Finnish way of building VET skills for the future by Taitaja Skills training was outlined by CEO Ms Maria Ekroth (SkillsFinland). Councellor of Education Ms Hanna Autere (Finnish National Agency for Education) opened up how Finnish VET  is being prepared for the future. In the webinar the audience saw real stories of two vocational school students representing their paths to working life. Senior Lecturer Sanna Wenström (Oulu University of Applied Science) showcased by the Powerzone method (VOIMAKEHÄ®) the importance of considering the strengths extensively. Student Affairs Manager Riina Karvonen (Luovi Vocational College) introduced a method of assessing the special educational needs. Equality and parity in VET issues were displayed by the project Manager Virve Savoila (Ekvalita). 



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